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About us

We are a husband and wife team that creates, writes, researches, laughs, markets, and sells unequally!
Valerie's (AKA Ruthie Sudsalot's) background as a clinical massage therapist and aromatherapist gives her the advantage to develop essential oil blends that are perfect pairings for each ailment the soap’s innuendo refers to within the label's description. 
Mr. Sudsalot is a small business owner pedaling his way through the bike industry lending his retail expertise and savvy customer service skills.

Mr. & Mrs. Sudsalot

The charming Mr. & Mrs. Sudsalot in their natural habitat.

 What Is A Jackass Charm Soap?

Quite frankly, it's soap that smells great, feels great, AND leaves your body clean whilst soiling your mind! Ruthie Sudsalot handcrafts the stuff in Woodstock, IL using all-natural ingredients that are sustainably responsible (yup, she makes up her own words, but you get the point don't ya?). Then, she throws in an innuendo according to the essential oil blend and voilà! A Jackass Charm Soap product is born.


Jackass Charm Soap does not use any animal fat, nor do we use any chemicals (except for sodium hydroxide. Can't make soap without it. Watch Fight Club; they explain the process pretty well) to color or scent our soap. We make soap people love to use. Our recipes are created with cleansing abilities, aromatherapy, lather quality, and conditioning properties in mind. Currently, we have 23 soaps in four categories:

  • Clean Fun: For those of you whose mind waywardly strays to the gutter but your time spent there is minimal.

  • Soiled Fun: For those of you who outwardly wallow in the gutter and can only be removed kicking and screaming.

  • Liquid Fun: For those of you who need neat and tidy, yet all-natural.

  • WTF: All soaps in this category have experienced a "When Things Fail" moment during production. (What were you thinking?!) Consequently, they stepped onto the Hot Mess Express giving them a look only a mother could love. Just because they are fugly doesn't mean they don't work. 

Watching soap cure is like staring at a picture.

What Makes Us Different?

A few things:

  • Personality. We love a good laugh in the bath or anywhere as a matter of fact. Seize the day and laugh with Jackass Charm Soap!
  • Our labels are the Pièce de Résistance! Each product has a colorfully entertaining label highlighting the slightly offensive, yet humorous jackassy description written by Ruthie. Some even feature Dergan the Jackass's sarcasm.
  • The shape of the bar. We decided to build our own molds to achieve a square 3x3x1 5/8 bar that weighs 8 oz e. It fits comfortably in your hand and in this case, size matters.
  • A truly all-natural soap. No chemically derived fragrances or colorants. We only put in what nature provides. We color using leaves, roots, seeds, clays, activated charcoal, & scent only with essential oils.
  • We are tallow (animal fat) and human adipose tissue free.
  • We are palm oil free, however, Kitten Heel uses 2 ingredients (vegetable glycerin & stearic acid) that are derived from palm. We continue to search for palm free alternatives.

Refund Policy

We stand 100% (and more!) behind our products. But, sometimes shit happens. If that's the case, unused, unopened product can be returned for a full refund or exchange within 7 days of receipt. Please reach out to if you have a problem or concern.

Businesses Brave Enough To Stock Their Shelves With Jackass Charm Soap

 Jackass Charm Corner Store

228 N. Benton St.

Woodstock, IL 60098

p 815.600.2007




Are you a business that is brave (more like smart) enough to stock your shelves with Jackass Charm Soap? Contact to get the ball rolling today!

Fact: Laughing customers are way more enjoyable as patrons.