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What Can REALLY Happen In 1 Year?

Valerie Deegan-Johnson

Meet Wagner. Jackass Charm's greeter turned security turned back to greeter!

Take in a really, really, really deep breath and read this in one breath.....

In one year we grew from 13 vendors to 27 vendors.

Ruthie gained a chin; she might be up to 8 now.

We are officially considered a McHenry County Made maker (there was some bribe money exchanged) and we are working on being recognized as an Illinois Maker. Here's to hoping!

Wagner demonstrating his flexibility next to a Noir 23 pillow at Jackass Charm Corner Store.

We fired Wagner 18 times and hired him 19 times before he became an almost perfect shop dog. Perfection is overrated, right?

We only made 2 videos. VERY disappointing.

Mr. Marijuana Golf saved Ruthie from getting called out to the bike rack at 3:00 on 10/10/2018. Thank you, Darren.

Ruthie's aunt visited 12 times and has another 12 visits scheduled for the next 12 months.

We survived Mother Nature's mood swings and 3 block parties; notwithstanding temporary sanity, hearing, and liver function loss.

Jackass Charm now serves mimosas on Saturdays!

We found a way to serve delightfully magically delicious mimosas and wine on Saturdays and we created a VIP section for our lovers of summertime outdoor consumption.

Jackass Charm Corner Store's VIP seating. Just some of the suckers that attended Jackass Charm's Giggle Water Experience in May, 2019!

THE GIGGLE WATER EXPERIENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ruthie's pride and joy, besides the kids, Mr. Yummypants, Wagner, house, & business. OK. Let's call it Ruthie's pride and joy product next to Bitch Remover, Whiny Bitch, and Perfect Head. 

Witnessed one of our vendors open their own store. Congratulations Casting Whimsy!!!!

Anybody keeping count as to how many times Ruthie visited Winestock while Wagner was supposed to be pooping real bad?

One library ladder has been acquired, but not installed. We will be selling tickets for Martini Ladder Rides soon. No spilling, please.

A peek inside Jackass Charm Corner Store in Woodstock, IL.

Our 225 sq ft remodeling project is projected to be completed in the year 2020.

And finally, laughing has filled the wedgie except for 9 days. Swearing filled the wedgie on those days. Any guesses as to which days those were?

Cheers to all of you! We wouldn't be here without you! So, as a 1 year anniversary "Thank You", we would like to extend a 10% discount on any Jackass Charm Soap product via discount code IMAPRUNEYCRANKYBITCH online or in store. Limit one per customer, valid through June 30th. Just give Ruthie a moment to catch her breath if you claim this in the store. Not many people are willing to admit it, you know.

May you always clean yer body whilst soiling yer mind and wear yer sassy classy!

Smooches to all!





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