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This is HUGE!!! But, really, really small.

Valerie Deegan-Johnson

Call me crazy (I'm used to it). I'm opening a storefront! 

Jackass Charm Corner Store will be a tiny wedge shaped, 1940's themed corner store with a boutique feel. Step back in time with us. Listen to the radio shows and commercials from the 40's while shopping for home goods & gifts for the sarcastic, snarky, and inappropriate person.

What Will You Find?

Well, Jackass Charm Soap products of course! Also, you'll find candles in repurposed wine, beer, & spirits bottles by Candle Dude, hand-blended teas by Casting Whimsy, snarky tea towels and pillows by Noir 23, seasonal hand-knit products by Hello Lavender, wooly balls & natural deodorant by HillBunker Farms, rockabilly accessories and skirts by Backseat Betty, sketches by Amalia Kimbrough, relishes, jams & jellies, and of course PICKLES!!!!! Least us not forget the nod to the past via our decor!

Our grand opening is to be determined (it depends on how quickly Mr. Sudsalot can custom build all the built-ins for Ruthie). However, the doors will be open on May 20th! The space will still be under construction and will need some fine tuning, but we just can't wait to share a good laugh with you!

Come on out to 228 N. Benton Street, Woodstock, IL!

Expect some changes happening to the website soon! Sharing is caring so, tell your friends!

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