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Public Service Announcment

Valerie Deegan-Johnson Harley Davidson Jackass Charm Soap Leathers 4U II Spanx You Goat Mail

Public Service Announcment

This week I partook in 2 events to hawk Jackass Charm Soap at. One being a motorcycle fundraising event and the other being a cruise night. At the Woodstock Harley Davidson Rock the House for MS event I learned: How to categorize a whore. For instance, there is the ugly whore, skanky whore, droopy whore, and my personal favorite smart whore. One can receive Goat Mail. Yes, this is a real thing! German's love red lipstick. Spanx absorb both crack & boob sweat.  At the cruise night I learned: Some guy is REALLY proud of his Dodge Neon. Bike...

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