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A Bowl, a candle, & a solid perfume walk into a bar....

Valerie Deegan-Johnson Jackass Charm Soap Lambs Farm Leathers 4U II Lighting of the Square Men's Shave Soap Mixin Mingle Wooden Wick Candle Woodstock IL

Ok. So, none of these things have legs, but they all do have one thing in common - they are all new products in the development stage!


Viking kisses, baby faces, and manscapes all require some shaving at some point. Our love for all things tried and true has led us to create a custom shaving bowl that will accommodate 3 oz. of a shaving soap that complements our beard oil and balm. It shall be named Ursa Shave Soap; original, eh? But what you are looking at is not a finished product. You see, Ruthie still needs to polish that bad boy to a shine, fill it with a hi-lathering and moisturizing soap scented with cedarwood, bergamot, & oakmoss essential oils, then reproduce in small batches.

Our initial casting of our bowl resulted in trapping a worried Asian cartoon character. If you can't see it, drink more, squint, and close your left eye after spinning around 3 times counterclockwise.


Our first concoction was 6 ounces and out of desperation was poured into a mason jar for testing purposes. Its wick was a sliver of cherry wood that crackled while it burned, and burned for over 40 bloody hours!!!! We chose to keep it unscented for this reason - we don't want to use any fragrance oil in any of our products and burning essential oils is actually toxic. However, this is not a candle sans scent. The beeswax lends its warm distinctive scent and the burning cherry wood wick adds a subtle campfire scent. The combo equals warm ambiance and summer nights all in one. 

Mass production will start on the 12 oz. candle dubbed SIMPLICITY once Ruthie figures out the damn container for the candle.

SIMPLICITY - a candle


Wait. What? Yes, a solid perfume. It's easy to carry in your purse or on your person. It's contained in an oversized balm tube with a massive capacity of 0.5 oz. Since we have just added 10 more essential oils to our collection; making a total of 43 essential oils to custom blend with, we chose to utilize Lime, Rose Absolute, and Vetiver as our first experiment. It's calming, warming, and sensual. Most importantly it is not a BAM! In your face - did she shower in that shit? potency and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. We have yet to decide what direction to take this or what to call it, but it is getting lots of use by Ruthie!

Untitled Solid Perfume by Jackass Charm Soap


Not really sure what the bowl, candle, & solid perfume did after they entered the bar but we can say Ruthie is keeping busy! 

As a matter of fact, you can find her.....

  • Roller skating with a gang of badass roller derby gals at the  "Roll Out For Epilepsy" in Markham, IL, on November 18, 2017, 4:30-7:30pm
  • At the "Lighting Of The Square" in Mixin Mingle, Woodstock, IL, on November 24, 2017, 5-9pm
  • Celebrating Small Businesses at Leather's 4 U in Antioch, IL, on November 25, 2017, 10am-5pm
  • At the Lambs Farm Holiday Lights Gift & Craft Fair at Arlington Race Course (first floor in the back as usual - It's like all venues instinctively shove Ruthie in the back like the obnoxious family members at a wedding), Arlington Heights, IL, November 30 - December 3, 2017. Hours vary; please click on link for more information.
 Awe shite! Did you find a typo or 2 and a major faux pas regarding grammar? Good for you. Feel free to snicker to yourself. I ain't no English major and I tried my bestest. Smooches!!!

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